I awake each morning to a dream and return to reality when I sleep.

You Are Insane | January 30, 2010

This dream seemed really random and bizarre to me because I haven’t watched any vampire movies in like a trillion years. I think what brought it up is all the hype about vampires right now (zombies are way better, what happened to my zombie dreams?) but this dream was really long and detailed so I felt urged to write it down.

To start out with, I am a 17 year old girl with shoulder length dark purple (or blue? couldn’t exactly tell) hair. I am living in an orphanage and becoming extremely nervous that I won’t find a home by the time I am 18. I am sitting outside of the orphanage on the stairs when an attractive couple in their early 30’s starts walking up to the building. “Thats her!” says the wife to her husband “Are you sure?” the husband asks. She doesn’t say anything but gives him a look that says it all. I am sitting there looking confused and we all go inside. Time flashes forward a little bit and the man and I are leaving to go to the hospital while the woman stays behind to fill out paperwork at the orphanage. The hospital isn’t far so we decide to walk. “Why do we have to go here?” I ask. The man hesitantly responds “Oh you know, just for a check up, make sure your healthy.” I don’t respond. On our way I trip and fall on the grass in front of the hospital. I get a briar in my finger and pull it out. It wiggles in between my fingers like a worm and disgusted I throw it down. “Whoa!!” the man says pointing at my finger where I pulled out the briar. It is pouring out blood like insanely bad. All of a sudden more wounds on my arms and legs randomly start to appear and pour blood. With my body covered in blood I run into the hospital screaming “Help me! Help me! Please!!!” I start to get dizzy and pass out in front of the front desk, doctors and nurses surround me.

When I wake up I am in the square of a small village that is surrounded by high fences and barbed wire. There are no longer bleeding wounds on my body but my limbs are wrapped in bandages. As I get up to my feet, people start to leave their cabins and slowly make their way towards me. Everyone looks extremely ill. They have scabs all over their grayed skin and bloodshot eyes. A older woman takes my hand and I ask her “What is going on here?” she frowns and then looks down to the ground. “This is quarantine.” a man in the crowd of people yells out. “We all have a plague, it doesn’t look good.” the old woman says. We start to walk to a cabin and suddenly the old woman lets go of my hand. I turn to look at her and see that her face is swelling up at a rapid speed. She grabs at her throat and then her head literally explodes. In the background I see this happening to other people. Now everyone is running and screaming trying to get out of the fences. In no time the blood covered square goes silent. I start to freak out and search all of the cabins for people who are still alive. I continue to scream “I’m not sick! Get me out of here! I’M NOT SICK!” There are a few people still alive crawling out of their cabins begging me to help them. Suddenly a van crashes through the fence and stops just short of my feet. I don’t recognize the driver, he’s a extremely creepy looking old man dressed in black. The side door of the van opens and inside is my newly adoptive father. “Get in now!” he says. The plagued people who are left start to attempt to stand and limp to the van. “We have to help these people! They are dying!” I exclaim to him. “They can’t be helped, get in now!” He grabs my arms and pulls me in and slams the door behind me. I black out again.

I wake up this time to the sound of beautiful cello music. I am on a comfortable couch in a beautiful house. My adoptive mother is there at the breakfast bar putting fruit into a juicer. “Honey, shes awake!” she yells down the hall. My new father enters the room. I sit up quickly and start telling them everything that happened in a very fast and panicked voice. “Hey now, slow down there.” my father says “That is all in the past, your home now.” I get really angry and stand to my feet “This is serious damn it! I am scarred for life, you have no idea what I saw!” They both look at each other and laugh. “Honey how about you take our new daughter out to the courtyard.” my new mother says and winks at him. He smiles sinisterly back at her and grabs my hand. “I’m grateful for you adopting me but you two are insane! What the hell is going on here?” The man doesn’t respond as he pulls me outside to the courtyard. He tries to get me to dance with him to the music but I yank my hand out of his and plop down on a bench. “This is bull….” He sits next to me and pushes me over on the bench. “Shut up about that already” He leans over me and then his face changes into a disgusting monster with razor sharp teeth and then bites me right on the little spot on my throat in between my clavicles. I roll off the bench and start gagging. Blood bubbles out of my throat as I struggle for air. “It is not secret to you now that my wife and I are vampires.” I try to yell but more blood leaks out of my throat. I turn around and get to my hands and knees attempting to breath. The man supposed to be my new father just sits there smiling, his face now back to normal but his teeth still razor sharp. “You’ll be fine, just chill out.” he tells me. I feel my throat and it is already healing. I manage to stand up and I immediately punch him in the face. His nose starts to bleed and he laughs at me. His laughter turns to worry when he realizes the bleeding isn’t stopping. “Stay here.” he tells me and runs inside. I seem him through the window talk to his wife. She gives him a rag for the blood and runs over to the radio to turn off the music. She then comes outside to me “What did you do to him? Why isn’t he healing?” she yells at me. I look at her stunned “What did I do to him? What in the hell did he do to me?” I say to her, getting ready to brawl. She steps back from me and takes a few deep breaths. “We just wanted to help you, we thought you’d appreciate immortality but I guess not.” I grind my teeth and say “I don’t even know how to comprehend this.” I sit down on the bench and she sits next to me. “It’s hard to handle I know, but you would have died of the plague if we didn’t do it soon.” I look at her confused “But I never had it.” she looks at me confused “What do you mean? You were bleeding…” I stand up “I know I was but it stopped, I was perfectly fine in the quarantine. “Look at my arms, they are fine.” I take off the bandage and shove my arm in her face. “It would have healed by now anyway my husband bit you.” she goes to grab my arm to inspect it just to entertain me. Her calm attitude turns to shock and she takes the bandage off of my other arm and feels it. “Your still warm!” she says. “Yeah so?” I respond. “You should be ice cold by now.” she signals her husband to come outside. He comes out with the rag still on his nose. “Shes warm!” the woman says. He then throws down his nose rag and grabs a his pocket knife. “Whoa, get away from me!” He firmly grabs my arm and cuts it. The wound heals immediately. “It appears she is one of us but somehow still alive.” he says with surprise and joy. “I need to use your bathroom.” I run into the house and walk down a hall. Out of the corner of my eye I see the front door. I hesitate and then say to myself “Screw this!” and run out the door. The world outside wasn’t the same as it was when I left. The sky was red and smokey, there were fires in the distance. I hopped in a car that had the keys still in the ignition.

As fast as I can blink I am inside of a random abandoned house. I step out of the house and start to walk towards the garage when a truck load of people pull into the driveway. I can tell by their faces that they are vampires. Two men and a woman jump out of the back of the truck. I walk faster to the garage. “Hey come back here girly!” one of the men says sinisterly as he takes a bat out of the bed of the truck. The other two start laughing. “Your coming with us darling” the woman says. I turn around and say “You don’t want me, I’m one of you.” They all laugh. The third man says “Cute, but I can practically see the heat rolling off of you.” they start to surround me and I grab a shovel off of the ground. They laugh at my attempt at defense. At lightning speed the man with the bat lunges at me. With equal speed I swing the shovel at him and slice his chest with the metal shovel. The other two stop and laugh. “Get up” the woman tells him. The man remains on the ground bleeding. “Get up damnit, stop playing around.” The man on the ground grabs at his chest wound and rips his shirt open. “Why aren’t you healing?” the other man asks him. “Why isn’t he healing?” the woman asks me with a panic. I smile and start approaching her with the shovel. The driver who is still in the truck starts the engine and suddenly both remaining vampires are back in it’s bed. “We will be back for you!” the woman yells and they drive off. I walk over to the dead mans body and poke him with the shovel. Satisfied that he’s dead I drop the shovel. I still feel a need to inspect the garage. Inside there are tons of weird jewelry making tools and an oven. The garbage can is filled with necklaces. I see there is one still in the oven and I reach in. My skin remains unharmed as I grab it from the fire. It is a simple metal necklace that has about 6 different sized chain links all connected at the ends of each. I put on the necklace when I hear a man and woman talking outside. Afraid that it’s the angry vampires returning as they warned I grab a metal rod that was next to the oven. When I walk outside the man and woman both turn to me. “There it is! the necklace! Give it to me!” they are humans, not the same two vampires. They both are loaded with guns and I raise my metal rod as the woman approaches. “We don’t want to hurt you.” the man says. “That necklace is important though, we need it.” the woman tells me as she points at my neck. “Well if it’s so special why would I want to give it to you?” I say. “Please,” the woman says with a worried look on her face “we need it.” How about I Give you half of it and keep the other half just incase. The woman looks over to the man and he nods. “Okay fine.” I break three of the chains off and give them to her. “Thank you!” she says and they turn around and walk away. I pocket the remaining three chains. As I walk back to the house I am hit from behind with a blunt object.

When I wake up I am inside my foster parents van. My adoptive father is driving and the same creepy old man is in the passenger seat. “You again?” His face is serious. “Since I was the one who bit you I can sense where you are.” he tells me in a monotone voice. I sigh and roll my eyes. The back of the van is filled with boxes. “Don’t touch that!” the old man says. I take a rosary necklace out of a box that has a cross on the end. My father slams on the breaks and turns around to me. “YOUR GOING TO HURT YOUR…” he stops talking when he sees the cross has no effect on me and then turns around and continues to drive. I’m all excited about my immunity to anti-vampire like things and I lean in between the two men “Look! It’s not hurting me!” They both look away. “Put that away now!” the old man says as he looks out the window. I put it in my pocket with the other necklace. We arrive to a house that has bodies all over the front yard. I see the same truck outside that belonged to my previous assailants. The two men grab weapons from the boxes. “Stay here.” my father begins to say but I am already out of the van with a weapon in hand.

Thats the end of the dream. The parts when I black out are moments throughout the night I wake up and fall back asleep.


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