I awake each morning to a dream and return to reality when I sleep.

Prologue | January 30, 2010

I awake lying sideways on my bed. The night was one of those filled with dream after dream, some you wish would end, others you don’t. Ultimately, I was glad to be waking to a world that was real. In my sight is the edge of my bed and stripes of light beaming on it from the blinds. I don’t immediately notice it, there is a hand reaching up from the edge. Normally this would be something that frightens me on an instant, but I look over the side with only curiosity. I see a long arm coming out from under the bed. Immediately I have a feeling of urgency as if the arm, and it’s hand, were begging for a grasp. So I give it what it desires… and I am taken under.


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I'm still not sure who I am yet. "I am that which I am and I am pleased with it, joyful in it. And you are that which you are, and while it is different, perhaps, from that which I am, it is also good. And because I am able to focus upon that which I want, even if there are those differences between us that are dramatic, I do not suffer the negative emotion because I am wise enough not to focus upon that which brings me discomfort. I have come to understand as I am one who is applying the law of allowing, that I have not come fourth into this physical world to get everyone to follow the truth that I think is the truth. I have not come fourth to encourage the world into a world of conformity or sameness. For I am wise enough to understand that in sameness, in conformity, there is not the diversity that stimulates creativity. And that in focusing upon bringing about conformity I am pointing toward an ending rather than a continuing of creation." - Abraham Hicks







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