I awake each morning to a dream and return to reality when I sleep.

It’s all in the cards. | January 30, 2010

I am a 14 year old boy in the 1930’s. I’m dressed in what you would imagine a 1930’s paperboy would wear. I am walking into school with a 12 year old girl who I assume is my sister. We both have black leathery messenger type bags with our school stuff in them. We get to our class and sit down next to each other. My sister reaches in her bag and suddenly has an alarmed look on her face. “What’s the matter?” Instead of replying she pulls out a bunch of note cards, I can tell by her surprise that she didn’t put them in there. Each note card has a short command on it. The first one has a number 1 in the corner and she reads it out loud “Stand up.” she stands almost without even realizing she is doing it. Number two said “Go out in the hall.” She starts walking towards the door and I tell her “Sit back down! Are you crazy? Your going to get in trouble.” She just looks at me and I decide to look in my bag. I have the same cards. When I look up to tell her I have cards too but she is already gone. I feel panic in my stomach. I read my card and it says “Leave.” and before even realizing it I am headed to the door. I shake my head and throw the cards back in my bag. For some reason there are two detectives walking down the hall of my school looking for my sister. I run up to them and say “You have to take me with you! It’s the cards! We read them and we do what they say!” They give me a strange “what the hell are you talking about kid” look. I think they think I am on drugs. Maybe thats why they are looking for my sister? They take me with them. I take out the cards to show them but my curiosity makes me glance at the next one. “Given the chance, you will get out of it.” I mix up the cards and read another out of order. “Don’t move.” To my delight I continue to follow the detectives. The command wasn’t meant for now. We leave the building and go to one across the street. Once we walk in we are in a small room. A man and woman who, I get a feeling, are and my parents are there along with a female nurse. They say they are going to draw some blood to make sure I’m not on drugs or to see what kind of drugs I’m on. When the nurse grabs the needle I start to freak out. “No! Please don…..” I’m cut off by a loud bang outside. Everyone runs outside to see the school smoking. I don’t see fire and I have a feeling no one is hurt. Suddenly I run. I have no idea where I’m going but my feet seem to just lead me to the train tracks behind the building I was just in. I stand in the middle of the tracks and see a train coming in the distance. Two unfamiliar middle aged men come up to me and put their hands on my back. “It’s okay sonny boy, we are here to help you” one says. I look at them confused “we have the cards too!” the other said. He shows me his card, it’s his last one. The mans card reads “Help the boy.” All of a sudden I am having what seems to be an out of body experience and i watch as the train nears. The boy doesn’t move. “Come on kid!” one of the men say. “It’s okay, it won’t hit me” responds the boy. About 100 feet away the train derails. I’m back in the boys body and somehow the train crash broke a water line of some sort. Water starts shooting really hard out of under the track by the train and moves toward us. I turn to run down the opposite way down the track. Thats when I see farther down my father is in his car on the track trying to start it. He is completely oblivious to the accident and the approaching water shooting out of the ground. I yell to him “GET OUT! GET OUT! MOOOOVE!” He doesn’t hear me. I wake up.


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I'm still not sure who I am yet. "I am that which I am and I am pleased with it, joyful in it. And you are that which you are, and while it is different, perhaps, from that which I am, it is also good. And because I am able to focus upon that which I want, even if there are those differences between us that are dramatic, I do not suffer the negative emotion because I am wise enough not to focus upon that which brings me discomfort. I have come to understand as I am one who is applying the law of allowing, that I have not come fourth into this physical world to get everyone to follow the truth that I think is the truth. I have not come fourth to encourage the world into a world of conformity or sameness. For I am wise enough to understand that in sameness, in conformity, there is not the diversity that stimulates creativity. And that in focusing upon bringing about conformity I am pointing toward an ending rather than a continuing of creation." - Abraham Hicks







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