I awake each morning to a dream and return to reality when I sleep.

I Dream Of Zombie? | January 30, 2010

So in this dream I am myself, for a change, only I am 17 and back in my old bedroom (which is Apollo’s room now.) So I am smoking a cigarette in the living room when I see my mom coming to the front door so I run into my bedroom freaking out. I know for sure she will smell and see all the smoke. It’s funny how eager I am to finish my cigarette considering I don’t smoke. So I am in my room leaning out the window to finish this cigarette and I see a man in my backyard jumping our privacy fence. He looks at me and says “RUN!” and continues across my yard before jumping over my neighbors fence. Based off of previous dreams I had before I KNEW it was zombies. I have about 2-3 zombie dreams a month that I can remember. Soooo I sit there and take everything in for a second and then come to reality when I hear rapid banging on my bedroom door. My mom bursts through the door and i can tell in her eyes that she is one of them. She just stares at me for a moment which was enough time for me to jump out of my open window. A group of 3 middle aged men and one woman jumped over my same privacy fence that the previous man jumped over. I could see that they were normal. One man said “We are gathering survivors, the more the better!” I was hesitant to join them, I looked back to my bedroom window to see the zombified version of my mother salivating, screetching, and clawing after me. She was having a hard time getting out of the window. Finally she fell out and I joined the group who was already over my neighbors fence. The man who spoke to me had a gun, I told him not to kill her. That was the end of the dream.


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I'm still not sure who I am yet. "I am that which I am and I am pleased with it, joyful in it. And you are that which you are, and while it is different, perhaps, from that which I am, it is also good. And because I am able to focus upon that which I want, even if there are those differences between us that are dramatic, I do not suffer the negative emotion because I am wise enough not to focus upon that which brings me discomfort. I have come to understand as I am one who is applying the law of allowing, that I have not come fourth into this physical world to get everyone to follow the truth that I think is the truth. I have not come fourth to encourage the world into a world of conformity or sameness. For I am wise enough to understand that in sameness, in conformity, there is not the diversity that stimulates creativity. And that in focusing upon bringing about conformity I am pointing toward an ending rather than a continuing of creation." - Abraham Hicks







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