I awake each morning to a dream and return to reality when I sleep.

Girls School | January 30, 2010

I am a 15 year old girl about 5’5″, long dark brown hair, wearing a full private school uniform. I am attending a live-in all girls school. As the dream begins, I am walking down a hallway until I stop at a dorm room with it’s door open. I peek my head in and see a blonde girl, about 13, watching TV. I automatically get the sense that this girl is my close friend so I walk the rest of the way into the room. “Whatcha doin?” I ask her. “I’m watching the news. They found some clothes out by the water, they say it’s from one of the missing girls.” she tells me without even looking away at the TV. I turn my head towards the screen and instead of watching the TV it’s more like a cut-scene in a movie. The cut-scene shows a jogging suite with our school initials on it dirty and tangled up in rocks washed ashore. I learn in this cut scene that girls from our school have been continuously going missing and they have yet to find a body. After the “cut-scene” is over I tell my friend “I’m going to go down to the kitchen to get us a snack. You should probably keep your door shut and locked.” She remains transfixed on the TV. I walk down to the end of the hall and enter a small kitchen with a small eating room next to it. As I am rummaging through the cupboards and drawers I hear two girls talking outside. One girl says to the other “We have to get the girl in this room and bring her to the head.” then the other girl responds with “Okay but we must be quieter this time or it’s going to be one of us she takes.” I poke my head out to hear better and see the two girls standing in front of my friend’s room. They are both looking at me silently like they knew I was over hearing them. I duck back into the kitchen after I see them start walking towards me in sync, almost robot-like. I don’t remember what they both looked like but I remember one having short black tightly curled hair. They walk into the kitchen and the girl with the curly hair grabs a knife off of the counter. I take a few steps back and stumble over a kitchen chair. She raises the knife and stabs me in the shoulder. I can feel it pierce my flesh and muscle the pain causes me to fall to my knees. Then the words come out of my mouth without me trying “Don’t bother, I can’t die.” I grab an ankle of each girl and drag them down to the ground. I get back up and run to my friends room. I bang on her door and shout for her to open it and let me in. The other two girls are walking towards me slowly in their creepy robotic way. I keep pounding and shouting. Finally at last minute my friend opens the door and I run in, shutting it behind me. She just looks at me with a dropped jaw. I completely forgot the knife was in me and I take it out. There is no wound, just blood. “They are coming after you!” I tell her in a panic.”We have to get out of here!” I turn to the window and jump out like the three stories were only three feet. I am uninjured. My friend slowly climbs down using the window sills of other dorms. It is super dark outside. We start to run towards a football field. When we get to the middle all of the lights turn on. On a pedestal is our head of the school, a thin woman with fire red hair frizzing out all over the place. All around us in the stands are girls from our school. As the two girls from before grab my friend, the head explains everything. My school is a huge cult disguised as a school. All the girls gone missing were murdered because the head was trying to find one that didn’t die, which apparently was me. She starts to speak and explains how she will use my blood to create an indestructible army out of the other girls. “Give me your blood and you can have your friend back.” At this point the last thing I am thinking about is my friend. I start running out of the field towards a swampy area with a highway at the other side. I see a car coming and try to flag it down. I wake up.


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I'm still not sure who I am yet. "I am that which I am and I am pleased with it, joyful in it. And you are that which you are, and while it is different, perhaps, from that which I am, it is also good. And because I am able to focus upon that which I want, even if there are those differences between us that are dramatic, I do not suffer the negative emotion because I am wise enough not to focus upon that which brings me discomfort. I have come to understand as I am one who is applying the law of allowing, that I have not come fourth into this physical world to get everyone to follow the truth that I think is the truth. I have not come fourth to encourage the world into a world of conformity or sameness. For I am wise enough to understand that in sameness, in conformity, there is not the diversity that stimulates creativity. And that in focusing upon bringing about conformity I am pointing toward an ending rather than a continuing of creation." - Abraham Hicks







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