I awake each morning to a dream and return to reality when I sleep.

Captain Tripps and the Animal Shelter | January 30, 2010

So, I just recently finished this book called “The Stand” by Stephen King ( I guess it was also a movie in 1994, I have yet to see ) any way, I keep having dreams relating to the book. The whole story revolves around this virus called Super Flu or Captain Tripps which is a disgusting, highly contagious, respiratory infection that kills about 95% of people, dogs, and horses. Hopefully this explanation will help this next dream seem less confusing. At this point in my dream the “Super Flu” has already wiped out most people and I am (of course) one of the immune.

The dream starts out and I am walking towards a one story business building and it is lightly snowing. As I approach the building I find out it is an animal shelter. I kinda don’t want to go in here, afraid of the gore I may find considering the fact the virus kills dogs however it is the only building around and the snow is getting progressively heavier. When I get inside there are about 7 small dogs running around out of their cages, and they are obviously starving. There are ripped up, empty, dog food bags scattered all over the floor. I go further into the shelter (with the dogs now following me around) past the front desk and back to where the kennels are. In here I find HUGE dog, probably up to my hip. I’m not sure what kind of dog he was but he had light tan wiry fur that wasn’t long but a little shaggy and ears like a German Shepard. He growled at me when I looked at him but I did not feel threatened. I noticed many of the kennels were open but the closed ones housed mostly dead dogs and two had very sickly dogs. At this point I had decided I would have to take care of these dogs, not only out of compassion but knowing that most other dogs were long gone due to the virus. I notice the big dog is the only one with a collar on and I decide to approach him to see what his tags say. As I read his name (Cullum) he growls and snaps at me, I pull my hand away just in time. Behind Cullum is a closet that I am wanting to check for food. “Cullum, Move.” I tell him and despite his unfriendly disposition, he obediently moves and sits back down exactly where my finger was pointing. I look in the closet and see a bunch of random supplies like flea shampoos, brushes, dog dishes, and so on. I climb the shelf to look at the top and there is a crate of dog treats and cans of dog food. I take the crate down and grab one of the boxes of dog treats (they look like sausage links) and dump them out on the floor for the heard of small dogs at my feet. Cullum remains seated at his stationed spot. I walk over the two kennels with the skinny sick dogs and divide a can of food between them. I take out some of the dog dishes and fill about 4 of them out of the sink. The dogs all run to the water, except for Cullum who stays put. I then walk over to Cullum and pour out a can of food at his feet. He growls at me for a moment while wagging his tail, “Eat Cullum you dumb dog!” and after my command he finally eats. There is not enough food in the crate to last for all of these dogs and there is no food here for me so I know I must leave. “Come Cullum” Cullum trots over to my side. At first I decide only to take Cullum for protection and because the little dogs would freeze outside. I then get a change of heart because I know that if I get too far away I won’t be able to come back. I turn back around and go back to the supply closet. I grab 3 dog crates and put them into a large wagon-like thing along with the crate of food and treats I found. I line the inside bottoms of the crates with dog bedding and divide the dogs among the crates. Then I cover the tops of the crates with a piece of bedding to keep the heat in. I call Cullum and we walk out into the lobby, me dragging the wagon behind me, and then outside. When I open the front door Cullum starts barking crazily at about 4 people approaching the animal shelter one of them appears to have a broken leg. “Can we go in there? Our friend is hurt.” a man asks. “None of you are sick are you?” I ask. “Not with Captain Tripps.” the person with the broken leg responds. “Go ahead on in there, there is no food but there are probably medical supplies.”


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