I awake each morning to a dream and return to reality when I sleep.

All Hail The… | January 30, 2010

Well this is one of my more random “where the hell did this come from?” dreams. It takes place in ancient Japan, well not our ancient Japan, more like an alternate universe ancient Japan. In this alternate universe, the Japanese have an emperor who decided to get slaves from parts of Europe and use them to build his empire. I happen to be one of these slaves. Now a very strange quality of this dream was everyone spoke in Japanese or, in the case of the slaves, some sort of European language (Italian, French, German, Dutch etc.) What made this so strange was that even though I don’t know any Japanese, I understood it in my dream as simply as I would if it were english. The other languages I could not understand.

The dream begins with me and the other slaves moving heavy stones that are creating a wall around the city. A guard walks up to one of the slaves working further down the wall and speaks to him for a moment. The slave looks scared and then happy. Then the guard walks up to another and this slave just shakes his head angrily and continues to work. He keeps walking towards me and as he passes me I grab his arm “What did you say to them?” he grabs my wrist with his opposite hand and takes my hand off of his arm “You have a lot of courage for making a demand of me like that.” he says with a grimace.” I wasn’t planning on asking you, or any women for that matter, however it looks like you might have what it takes. ” I look at him confused and he leans in closer. “I am a part of a select few guards who are trying to overthrow the emperor and end the slavery, we are picking a few of the slaves to teach how to fight.” I get suspicious. “Why are you using the slaves to fight a battle you could do better o your own?” I ask. He goes on to explain that none of the guards who are a part of the rebellion can get close enough to the emperor but the slaves serve his food, make his bed, and so on. So, I agree to join the rebellion. A chunk of time passes without playing out but I know it was the time it took to get trained by the guards. Then one day, working on the wall, I see a new guard walking around inspecting our work. I get total bad vibes from this guard right away. As he walks right towards me he puts his hand on his sword and keeping it in it’s case he uses it to trip a slave who is working. The slave goes to cry out in pain but a woman slave next to him quickly bends down and covers his mouth. The guards chuckles and continues to approach me. I stand up and wipe the dirt off of my hands onto my pants. “Can I help you sir?” I ask. He snarls and grabs my arm, practically dragging me to the palace. We enter the throne and stop at the entrance. The emperor at the opposite end says to the guard “This one will do.” and lifts his hand to motion me forward. The guard lets go of my arm and I walk to the emperor. “Come closer” he says. I come closer and he grabs my face, turns my head from side to side, and then lets go. “Good choice guard.” he says and then waves the guard out f the throne. So by this time it is obvious to me by this time that I have been chosen as a mistress. I back away a few steps and the emperor gets up off of his throne. He leans towards me again only this time for a kiss. I punch him hard enough to knock him on his ass. “GUARDS!” Three guards rush in, including the one who brought me here. Two grab my arms and the third punches me in the stomach. The emperor gets ups and calls the guard who brought me here to him. “Put her with the others, we will try again after she has learned her lesson.” he says with a wink. The guards holding me let go as the third guard approaches me and grabs my hair. I can even feel the ripping pain as he drags me out of the room. I am brought to a room down the hall with about 4 other women in it. The other women are all timid, bruised and have ripped clothes. After a few more times of being brought to the emperor, insulting (or assaulting) him, and then dragged back to this room, a new guard shows up to retrieve me. This new guard happens to be the one who was leading the rebellion. “Why are you here?” I ask. “It isn’t good.” he tells me and looks down. We walk out to the hall and he grabs my arm and says “Sorry, it has to look convincing”. “Where are we going? Why are you here?” I ask him. “The emperor is tired of putting up with your resistance. He wants to make an example of you in front of the other women slaves.” he replies. I stop walking and brush his hand off of my arm “I’m being publicly executed?”. He grabs my arm again and makes me start walking again. “This is our chance to overthrow the emperor. The others and I are going to take care of the guards who are not with us and you will be close enough to get to the emperor.” We walk outside and there is a large crowd of women, behind them the workers building the wall stop to see what the commotion is. The emperor calls me out on the platform and the guard lets me go. I charge at him but am tripped by the same guard who used his cased sword to trip another slave earlier in my dream. As I am on hands and knees in front of the emperor he draws his sword. The emperor does two practice swings next to my neck. “This is the consequence of disobeying me!” he yells to the crowd. As he goes in for the final swing I drop to my stomach, the blade missing me by only a hair. I immediately grab his ankle and pull him to his back. I take his sword and stab him right in the center of his body. I withdraw his sword, which is now my sword, and the crowd cheers loudly. The slaves in the background drop their stones and rejoice. I am made empress and end the slavery.


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